Let me HELP YOU Bake Gluten Free ….

Enjoy BAKING & EATING gluten free. My celiac family sharing our favorite recipes and techniques for you to enjoy excellent gluten free food in your home!

GF Family Cookbook

Enjoy this COLORFUL 150 page GLUTEN FREE cookbook full of family favourites.   EACH recipe has a PHOTO and a couple of recipes have PHOTO step by step instructions, to help you be successful.

GF Christmas Cookbook

Over 80 pages of my family’s recipes. See links below for the full table of contents. This book is printed in color showing the photos of the recipes.

Paperback & Hardcover is available.

Teaching Videos

Come join me in my kitchen via online video and I will equip you with skills to be successful baking gluten free in your kitchen.

Watch Videos immediately or pause and rewatch as many times as you would like for 90 days!

This is what people are saying

“I appreciate that all of these recipes are not only easy to follow, they are also enjoyed by EVERYONE in the family.”

— Audrey

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your on-line cinnamon bun class on the weekend. I can’t wait to take more of your classes.”

— Sydney

“Her tips and techniques were gluten-free game changers. Now I know why my baking was not turning out as it should.”

— Ellen, The Celiac Scene

“Amazing class! Thank you, Teresa, for a personal touch on a holiday favourite. Learning the basics allows me to not be so scared of baking gluten free. There is no need to apologize for these gluten free cookies brought to the party. They will be looking for more!!!.”

— Christine

“The sugar cookies are delicious! We feel equipped and confident to try some GF Christmas baking in our own kitchen now. Thanks so much ”

— Cindy

“Enjoyed the muffin class. … Learnt lots. So happy for the tips and recipes we have received. I’m really glad to have found this gluten free baking class. As now it will allow me to be baking my own goods and be choosey of what I put in my baking. A WONDERFUL, VERY informative class. I look forward to other classes in the future. Thank you. ”

— Tanya

“Thank you so much, Teresa! I learned so much yesterday. I am so excited to make butter tarts for Christmas!! That statement alone is amazing as I have never been successful with regular pie dough. The results were amazing and so much easier than I thought it would be. Your helpful tips and tricks were inspiring! I can’t wait to try another class, although my kids are chomping at the bit to do one too!.”

— Sue

Sharing My Family’s Gluten Free Favorite’s With YOU …

Grab a Family COOKBOOK, Christmas COOKBOOK, watch a BAKING VIDEO, or FOLLOW ME to be baking some great gluten free food in your home!

Enjoy Traditions ~ Gluten Free Style!