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GF 🍓 Shortcake

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This year, in Alberta, we have missed spring and gone straight into hot summer days. The weather has not been good for fires, trees, grass … but one thing that it has been good for is my garden! I put my garden in early and I have things growing BEFORE June!! Here in Alberta …this is early!

Yesterday, I was out in my garden and the strawberry patch has little strawberries growing… I am amazed!! Hopefully your garden is growing as well, as the grocery store prices are a little crazy! Plus, fresh garden strawberries have amazing flavor. I’m not sure how much flavor gets packed into such a small little berry.

I live in the country and a few years ago my neighbor gave me strawberries from her 40 year old patch. She told me they would multiply and that they were THEE BEST strawberries… she sure was right on all fronts! I’m thankful for country neighbors … we are a true community who share and help each other.

I love that very soon we will have soooo many strawberries growing that my family will HAVE TO eat fresh garden strawberries each day, to keep up with the patch!💕🍓💕🍓

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The cake has dairy in it, which does not bother my dairy free hubby, so I just make coconut whipped cream for him to put on top and he can enjoy, If you need DF whipped cream, you can substitute as well. Yet, my teens and myself like it best with dairy 😊.

My teens LOVE strawberry shortcake. I don’t make it often but a summertime BBQ, backyard birthday party or just a simple sunny day seems perfect for strawberry shortcake… or maybe you could make it for Father’s Day?

My Gluten Free FAMILY Cookbook will be available within the next few weeks! Here is a recipe you will find in it …. hope you are getting as excited as myself to share my family recipes!! It takes months and many hours to put it all together and I just can’t believe I will be able to share it with you soon!!!!

GF 🍓Strawberry🍓 Shortcake Recipe

1 cup My Favourite 1:1 GF Flour*
½ tsp. Xanthan Gum
3 tbsps. Cornstarch
1 tsp. Baking Powder
pinch Salt
⅓ cup Butter, room temperature
¾ cup Sugar
½ tsp. Almond Extract
3 Eggs, room temperature
⅔ cup Buttermilk, room temperature

*Flour blend is VERY important in end product. If you decide to use a different flour blend, do NOT add the xanthan gum from this recipe if it has a gum already in it, or it will not turn out. You will find my favourite 1:1 flour recipe in my upcoming FAMILY cookbook or if you have my CHRISTMAS cookbook, you will find it in there. If you are using a premade mix, I find Kinnikinnick works the best for premade in my recipes (just leave out the xanthan gum in my recipe if you choose this option).

In a bowl, measure the flour, xanthan gum, cornstarch, baking powder and salt. Then whisk and set to the side.

In your Kitchen-aide, cream the butter and sugar. Then add one egg at a time, then the almond extract and buttermilk. Scrape sides. Then add the dry ingredients and mix until well combined.

I make these into individual shortcakes, they are easy to serve and look pretty. I have circle, square and heart shaped cupcake pans. You can use whatever you have. In the photo, you will see that I have used my square pan.

Bake in a 350ºF oven for 20 minutes.

Cool completely before serving with whipped cream and strawberries.

If you are dairy free, use coconut whipped cream.


“Behind every recipe you love is a story you want to share.”

My Favourite Flour Recipe is in this book.

Did you know this year, I have updated the format and added 2 recipes to this book? People gave me feedback and I listened.

AND it is now available in PAPERBACK, HARDCOVER and EBOOK?

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Did I mention…. I am VERY excited about my NEW FAMILY Gluten Free cookbook that is coming out in the next weeks. It is in the final proofing and publishing steps. Follow my blog or social media to find out when it is available.

Baked Gluten Free Tortilla
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EASY Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Tortilla Chips … Warm From the Oven This Long Weekend!

Free from most allergens.

Baked Gluten Free Tortilla

This weekend many will be going camping and enjoying the outdoors. It’s beautiful weather here in Alberta and I don’t think it matters what you do … it will be a great weekend!

For my family, we are staying home and getting some yardwork done on our acreage. We will also take some time in between the chores to have fun with family, go kayaking, hiking and sit on our back deck BBQ’ing.

I am going to make these WARM tortilla chips as a fun snack on our deck while we chat and enjoy each other and the sunshine. I haven’t made them for a while so my teens will be happy!

My celiac and non-celiac teen both love fresh tortillas that are warm from the oven. They taste great with salsa, guacamole, artichoke dip or just about anything! They are much healthier than a bag of chips and I still have some of my home made salsa from our garden …. and that is a perfect combinations! Pretty tasty and healthy!

I usually buy Grimm’s Corn tortillas from my local store but just recently found this brand online that is lovely. Both of these brands are free from a lot of other allergens. Plus, in our opinion, these two brands taste great and they don’t easily break and crumble. Here is the very simple recipe.

Tortilla Chips Warm From Your Oven

Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free

  • 1 package Gluten Free Tortilla’s
  • Take a pastry brush and lightly brush olive or canola oil on each side of the tortillas.
  • Sprinkle the tortillas lightly with salt.
  • Cut each tortilla into 6 equal triangles.
  • Place on a baking sheet. Make sure they are not overlapping.
  • Bake in a 350 F (or 175 C) oven for 5 minutes.
  • Take pan out of oven and with tongs turn each tortilla over.
  • Return pan of tortillas back to oven and bake for an additional 8-10 minutes. Watch closely! As you do not want them to get too brown … just crispy!
  • Take out of the oven when crispy and place on a cooling rack.

We will be eating them with my salsa … but enjoy whatever you want to dip them in and ENJOY!

If you are local and trying to find Grimms, I usually can find this brand at Safeways or Sobeys. The other one I have not found locally but it is available on amazon.

p.s. check out my website to find baking videos and cookbooks

Friendly reminder that I do receive a few cents if you order online … as I am an amazon associate …. but I only share things I truly like… just want to be transparent.

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Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Dessert

(Sugar Free Option)

Our family has 2 celiacs and a dairy free type 1 diabetic. I was just chatting with another mom who said she found it difficult to find desserts that were GFDF and low in sugar. Thought I’d share this dessert, as it is allergen friendly and low in sugar.

Strawberry Dessert

This recipe was handed down from my Grandma. She and my mom made it all of the time when we were growing up. It is perfect for a spring time BBQ. My Gram and Mom made it with whipped cream and ‘normal’ graham crumbs, but it is easily changed to be GFDF and low sugar.

I use Kinnikinnick’s Graham Style crumbs and you could use normal whipped cream, if you wish (just substitute the coconut cream for normal whipping cream).

Gram’s Raspberry Dessert

  • 1 package Raspberry JELLO (you can use sugar free if needed)
  • 1 cup Boiling Water
  • 2 cups Ice Cubes
  • 1.5 cups Kinnikinnick Graham Style crumbs
  • 1 can Coconut Milk (I use Aroy-D as not a lot of extra ingredients! AND good quality)
  • 0.5 cup Fresh or Frozen Raspberries

Coconut Cream can be great and we have had some disasters. This is what I’ve learnt over time on how to make the best coconut whipped cream.

Coconut Whipping Cream

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com
  • FIRST buy good quality Coconut Milk. We’ve had good luck with Aroy-D
  • CHILL can of coconut milk for 10 hours or more in the fridge
  • CHILL your kitchen-aide mixing bowl for 10-15 minutes
  • Open the can of coconut milk and scoop only the hard part into your chilled bowl. Leave the liquid behind.
  • Beat with mixer until it gets fluffy like whipped cream. It will take a few minutes.
  • Add sugar, if you wish. This is your preference. We like it just how it is.

Put Coconut Cream into fridge until you are ready to use it.

JELLO ‘Dessert”

Put JELLO powder into a mixing bowl and add boiling water. Stir well until powder has dissolved. Add ice cubes and stir for 2 minutes and then take out remaining ice cubes. Put JELLO into fridge.

Gluten Free Graham Crumbs

Evenly spread Graham Crumbs into a 9×13 pan and press flat with palm of your hand. Set to the side.

Sometimes I drive all around town and can not find the graham style crumbs and then I do one of two things

  • Forget the crumbs and just make it without!
    • Bake my chocolate chip cookies and then crumble them up in place of graham style crumbs
  • Buy store bought chocolate chip cookie and crumble them up in place of graham style crumbs

Side note, if you would like to make my chocolate chip cookies … the recipe is in my ULTIMATE ONLINE Baking Class – video style. You can check it out here, if you’d like.

Once JELLO is just starting to thicken, it happens fairly quick, then gently stir in half to 3/4 of the prepared coconut milk (the remainder can be put back into fridge until serving). Pour JELLO mixture on top of prepared graham crust and sprinkle with a few extra crumbs from your box of crumbs. Cover and place into the fridge to get firm. Once it is firm, cut the raspberry dessert into squares and serve each piece with a spoon of coconut cream on top with a few raspberries for decoration.

It really is very simple and tastes great. I’ve also layered this in glass bowls or cups, which looks very pretty. We have made this dessert a tradition when we go camping. I put it into individual size tupperware containers with a lid. Then, each person can eat as much as they want out of their own an the kids loved this when they were growing up! They maybe pretty much grown up now … but they still love it!


Gluten Free Cookbooks

Gluten Free Dessert for Mom’s Day

Here is a beautiful dessert to make for your Mom for Mother’s Day. She will be AMAZED by YOU. Lucky for you, it really is not very hard!

The Edmonton Celiac Kids Rock group and I practiced making this together so that they could surprise their mom’s for mother’s day! They had fun and enjoyed making it … I hope you give it a try and enjoy making and eating it as well!

The recipe card and video instruction is available for you by clicking the link below. It is FREE for this week.

Click link to get video instructions and recipe card …

Mother’s Day Link for PAVLOVA.


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GF eCookBook Became Available TODAY!

Thanks for all of you that have walked this cookbook journey with me, I have appreciated the feedback …. and thank you to the lady from Guatemala who suggested an ebook!

Hope you enjoy the new cover, dedication page, about me page, reformatting to 5.5×8.5 book, and the couple new cookie recipes.

Click Link to check out books

I personally like a printed book, and love my new formatted cookbook that I received from ordering online.


Gluten Free Dessert, KOB's Blog

Gluten, Dairy, Egg & Sugar Free Dessert

Blueberry Crisp …. for ONE

We had family over for dessert on the weekend, which added two extra celiacs and a keto. As you know, my family has a dairy free type 1 diabetic and two celiacs of our own. The celiacs out numbered everyone around the table … that doesn’t happen very often! When you have all these different food ‘issues’ … one needs to sit down and figure out WHAT to make! 🙂

I came up with this dessert that is Keto friendly PLUS everyone else could eat it around the table. To be honest, the two other celiacs were my little niece and nephew and I made something else that I thought they would love! But they COULD have eaten this as it was gluten free! It’s nice to have a dessert that celiacs, dairy free individuals, keto and diabetic CAN eat!

I don’t use monk sugar in my home, but for our Keto family member I bought a bag and have used it a couple of times. It is easy to use and worked fine with this dessert! Though, you do not have to go get monk sugar … you can just substitute it with brown sugar if you prefer.


You can just make YOURSELF a nice little dessert … or times it by the number of people that will be eating the dessert.

  • 3/4 cup Blueberries (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 tbsp. Buckwheat Flour
  • 1 tbsp. Millet Flour
  • 1/4 cup Quinoa Flakes
  • 1 tbsp. Monk Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp. Butter, cut up

Put the blueberries into a ramekin dish. I used frozen blueberries.

In a separate bowl measure the buckwheat flour, millet flour, quinoa flakes, cinnamon and monk sugar. Cut the butter into the dry ingredients and use your hands to rub and evenly incorporate it in. Then spread the crumble mixture on top of the blueberries. You could sprinkle some cinnamon and monk sugar on top for decoration. Bake for 30 minutes in 375 F oven. Serve warm.

This is very simple to make and tastes like a dessert but is actually very healthy and high in fibre. One thing to remember is to check the flours you purchase that they are ground on a gluten free mill. From my experience, when I have called companies it seems like buckwheat is particularly bad for being ground on the same mill as wheat. So, make sure to check and call the company … or just purchase a flour that is certified gluten free.


If you have any trouble finding the dry ingredients in your local stores, you can get it delivered to you through if you order online.

Just so you are aware, if I share a product and you purchase, amazon does give me a few cents … just want to be transparent! Yet, I only share product that I actually use and it’s to try to help you find the product if you can’t locally.

Gluten Free Cookbooks

Christmas in April?

I published my first cookbook last fall. This year I decided to UPDATE the formatting due to some feedback that I received.

I have updated the cover, added a couple cookie recipes, a few extra pages like a dedication and a page to write your own favourite recipes on. I’ve learnt a lot through this process and I am very happy with the updated book ….. I LOVE it!!!!

Plus … my book reviewers have given the two thumbs up!!

My Christmas book is now available in PAPERBACK & HARDCOVER – both are now 5.5×8.5… a perfect size for this book!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I JUST received my author HARDCOVER on my step … and I feel excited.

I know it isn’t Christmas … but it feels like it to me!

I won’t talk about this book OR Christmas again until Christmas baking starts up later in the year! I promise!!! But I’m so EXCITED about the revisions and just HAD to share this with you!!!

This is my HARDCOVER that was on my step today ….

This is my NEW PAPERBACK … it is the same on the inside as the HARDCOVER above … it’s just a different cover type.

Thanks for all of the feedback and I hope the formatting changes make it even better! The recipes are the same … other than two new cookie recipes!

I may just have to bake something Christmassy today … with all my excitement!

Have a great day and thanks for sharing in my joy! NOW, let’s not talk about Christmas until we enjoy SPRING and SUMMER!!!

p.s. I spoke with a lady from Guatemala who told me that much of the world can not order books as easily as Canada or USA and that ebooks are much appreciated and she asked me to make one. She really inspired me. SO, I have to wrap my head around the ‘how’s , as I am not the most ‘techy’ person. When I have that figured out, I will be offering this cookbook in ebook form for her!

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Today I Am Having FUN Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Celiac Kids Rock Group

The past year or more, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to meet with the Edmonton Celiac Chapter Kid’s group. This group call themselves the ‘CELIAC KIDS ROCK GROUP’.

We meet online and surprisingly (to me!) the online format has gone very well. Honestly, I wondered how kids would enjoy baking online together and I also did not think the kids would talk and share … but I was very wrong! They all chat, share, bake and keep coming back … so we all must be having fun. I know that I enjoy it and I see a little community being made.💕 Last month, we had a young lady join us from a ways north of Edmonton … that could not have happened if we were in person, so online has its benefits.

The group has a relaxed atmosphere. We talk over our mixers and scoop our batter together. At the end of the meeting, they have smiles when warm muffins or baked goods are coming out of their own ovens. These young people being able to bake in their own kitchens and smell ‘the good smells’… just does something to my heart!!

This group is meeting tomorrow morning to perfect pavlova … so they can make it for or with their moms for mothers day. AND I’m having some fun baking TODAY … so that tomorrow I can be ‘a magical baking lady’ … where I put something into the oven and pull it out 3 seconds later fully cooked! Those are the joys of online!!

For those of you who know me, I have chickens here in the country and I think that it is a little more fun to go outside and get fresh eggs for my recipes. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the Kids Rock group at my house … I think they would also love to go collect eggs! 😊

Pavlova looks very impressive but it’s actually very easy. It is also naturally gluten free and we are going to have a dairy free option. There are some little tricks to make it PERFECTLY gooey in the middle. Yet, the nice thing is if it is over cooked and crumbly, you just add whipped cream and it fixes all the problems!

How fun for the kids to make a special dessert for their moms for this coming mothers day … maybe I should too this year for my mom!?

I’m not sure if it is too late to register for Saturday’s 10am gathering, but you could check out the registration link. If it is full, reach out to Lisa at the Edmonton Chapter if you want to be on the mailing list and then you will be notified of any future Celiac Rock Group Gatherings.

Well … I’ve got to get back to my baking for this group and having ‘my kind of fun’!

Hope to see your kiddos there.


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Sharing Gluten Free Recipes & Tips

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Teresa, I am a celiac and a mom to a celiac and I love to share recipes and help people bake gluten free for themselves. I a live in the countryside in Leduc County, Alberta, Canada and enjoy sharing recipes and tips to help people bake gluten free for themselves in their homes.

You know the saying about a fish and feeding a man for a day? …..

Well … I have adopted the ‘fish’ analogy for gluten free baked goods 🙂 … ‘You can give someone a gluten free baked good, you feed them for a day. If you teach them to bake gluten free , you feed them for a lifetime with excellent tasting baked goods!’

I had a blog for a number of years and stopped writing for some time. I truly miss the gluten free community and helping other families bake and learn techniques to bake. When I meet someone on-line, in-person or over the phone it touches my heart when they say that they have enjoyed learning the tips that I have shared and that they love the recipes that I have shared…. and they turn out! It makes my heart happy!

I have had a number of people ask me to blog and share recipes and tips again… So, here I am again!! I am wanting to share some gluten free recipes and tips with you so you can enjoy baking in your home! I won’t be blogging often, as we have two teens and don’t want to miss time with them before they are gone on their own!! BUT …. your inbox or social media will be sprinkled here and there, throughout the year, with ideas to help you make special occasions a little extra special …. gluten free style!

I guess all my family and friends know that I will be taking too many photos of food again!

Feel free to check out my page, it is new and updated with links to my baking classes and my cookbooks. So have a click around! I have my Gluten Free Family Cookbook currently being published/printed … it will be released shortly … so follow me on social media or this blog and I will let you know when it is released.

If you don’t know me … you can read about me here.

Or click around my website.

Let’s get baking together … You can do it!


p.s. Thanks to everyone who bought my Christmas Cookbook … I listened to all of your feedback and have reformatted the book and added a couple recipes … so thank you. It is now over 80 pages and a better size. xo