A Few of My Favourite Things

A few customers, friends and family members have asked me where I find my favourite things that I mention in the classes and just in life. Therefore, I have listed a few of my favourites for you below and different places on my blog/site. You may click on the links and order online and enjoy them as well … or find them in your local community. If you do click from the links and order … I do get a small credit (just so you know!). I only share the items that I actually use and love. I hope you enjoy these items as well and that they help make baking easier.



My favourite Rolling Pin and Mat

Digital Scale that I use.

BBQ Mat that my family uses to keep safe from cross contamination when visiting family and friends. I also use with my BBQ pizza at home.

The Bread Pans I use for my homemade bread.

These Scoops I use for muffins and cupcakes. They truly make life easier.

Small Cookie Cutters. I love these so decorate the top of a pie or to make tiny sugar cookies. They are just fun!

Psyllium Husk (whole) can be hard to find. If you are having difficulty you can order on line.

White Chia is something that I like because I can ‘hide’ it in baking. No black flakes … so it looks normal … but you are adding lots of nutrients.